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. Surah al-Qaariyaa 28:29-30. Quran is an Arabic text, containing 114 Suras (chapters) with 6,236 Ayat (Verses).There is no set rule on how the text should be arranged. It is not a law as it was revealed to Prophet Mohammad by Allah. The text of the Quran is not available in paper. Quran was recited to Prophet Mohammad by Angel Jibril  . It is like a seminar, every member of the group will participate in the seminar, there is no one person who can speak only about one topic. Quran is not a book written by God. Quran is a message from God (S.W.T) in Arabic language. It will be recited and its source is Prophet Muhammad (S.W.T). Every verse of the Quran is connected to the same topic, in simple word. No verse of the Quran is disconnected from the topic. A verse of the Quran is like a statement of a person, it is not an opinion of a person. Prophet Mohammad (S.W.T) is not a scholar, a teacher, a preacher, a jurist or even a leader. He is a messenger of God. He is only a messenger. After he got the message he continued to do his best and told people to do the best they can and Allah is going to be with them. After he got the message he didn't stop preaching the message. He was not married, he was never a ruler and he is not a King. He is not a leader, a teacher, a jurist, an architect or even a leader. He is a messenger. Quran has 114 Suras and there is an order of the Suras, so that you can read the Quran in the order of the Suras. . Quran is only a Message of God. Ibn ʻAbbas narrates that the Prophet (S.W.T) said, “I have been sent as the last prophet, and I have been the best of all prophets. Is it compulsory to learn tafsir? No, it is not. It is an optional thing. If you have a good heart and soul and if you are a good human being then you should learn Quran. But learning Quranic is not compulsory. If someone makes a mistake, for instance someone mistranslated Surah Fatiha, and he mixed the surah from